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White Sox fan steals foul ball out of another fan’s hands

That wasn’t very nice.
That wasn’t very nice.

Man, Guaranteed Rate Field is one tough place for fans.

Not only are the White Sox in the early stages of a complete rebuild, but fan etiquette apparently doesn’t exist. During the second game of the Twins-Sox doubleheader on Monday night, a foul ball was hit down the left-field line and landed in the stands.

There was the expected scramble by fans to get the ball, only this had one twist. A woman who was late getting there just decided to take the souvenir from the guy who got there first.

Uncool, right?

Take a look at this video from Twitter user @WatchStadium:

I’m not sure what’s worse: announcer Steve Stone saying the guy offered to give the woman the ball or her smug reaction after taking it.

But there was a happy ending.

Brooks Boyer, who is Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the White Sox, came down and gave the guy a baseball. You can see that here.

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