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Two options at Chiefs games make USA Today’s ‘10 craziest stadium foods’ list

The NFL regular season is just around the corner, so that means fans will be flocking to stadiums across the country, and much food and drink will be enjoyed.

With that in mind, USA Today’s Andrew Joseph ranked some of the more unusual food options for football fans. The headline called it the “10 craziest stadium foods.”

And two of the top 10 will be found at Arrowhead Stadium.

Checking in at No. 6 is the Arrowhead Biscuit.

“Judging from the stacking, a team of engineers put together this Arrowhead Biscuit,” Joseph wrote.

No kidding.

I’m guessing fans won’t be able to fit that into their mouths to take a bite at one time. This is a photo that ESPN’s Darren Rovell shared, and he includes a description of the biscuit:

At No. 9 on the list is the Loaded Potato Skin Burger.

Joseph’s described it this way: “The Loaded Potato Skin Burger is fried potato skins covered with cheese, bacon bits and sour cream all serving as the bun for a burger with lettuce and a tomato slice.”

Potato skins for the bun sounds intriguing.

You can see a picture of the Loaded Potato Skin Burger and the other items that made the list by clicking here.

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