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First pitch at Red Sox game is off mark, hits photographer in groin

When you think of the worst ceremonial first pitches in baseball history, your mind might go to 50 Cent or perhaps former KU star Josh Jackson.

But no one was hurt in those cases.

The same can’t be said for the first pitch before Wednesday night’s Red Sox-Cardinals game at Fenway Park.

According to SB Nation, former cancer patient Jordan Leandre threw the first pitch on Wednesday. The result was a mix of “Bull Durham” and “The Simpsons”* as the pitch hit an unsuspecting photographer.

*“Football in the groin” by Moleman, to be exact

Here is the video from Twitter user Chad Amaral:

To the photographer’s credit, he got a great photo of the ball just before, um, impact.

Tony Capobianco tweeted that he’ll be OK.

And Leandre was able to poke fun at himself as well:

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