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Whit Merrifield asks Gamecocks coach for ‘some Frank Martin magic’

South Carolina head coach Frank Martin.
South Carolina head coach Frank Martin. The Associated Press

Royals second baseman Whit Merrifield made the request before Wednesday’s game.

The Royals had lost two straight to the Orioles, and Merrifield looked for help from his old college, South Carolina. But Merrifield didn’t ask his former baseball coach. He reached out on Twitter to men’s basketball coach Frank Martin.

You can understand why, right?

South Carolina wore the glass slipper during the NCAA Tournament earlier this year. Despite being a No. 7 seed, the Gamecocks advanced to the Final Four for the first in school history.

So, Merrifield tweeted this at Martin, the former Kansas State coach:

“In the middle of a playoff race over here in KC. Need some Frank Martin magic to get us over the hump! Where you at???”

Martin replied with remark about Royals first baseman Eric Hosmer and a lot of exclamation points: “I’m living every pitch with u guys. U and ‪@TheRealHos35 keep putting your big boy pants on. I’m on my way!!!!!!!”

Not sure if Martin made his way to Baltimore for Wednesday’s game, but if he did, it didn’t help as the Orioles beat the Royals 6-0.

Still, it’s interesting that Martin seems to be a Royals fan.

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