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Ex-Royal Greg Holland misses game because of ‘kitchen accident’

Colorado Rockies relief pitcher Greg Holland.
Colorado Rockies relief pitcher Greg Holland. The Associated Press

I wouldn’t call this a trend by any means, but it’s interesting that another former Royals pitcher was injured while in the kitchen.

On Wednesday, Rockies manager Bud Black told reporters that relief pitcher Greg Holland was unable to pitch the previous night. The reason?

“He had a kitchen accident yesterday, cut his index finger on his throwing hand and it’s truly day to day,” Black told’s Thomas Harding. “We’ll see how it progresses the next 5-6 hours, whether the little cut is going to heal enough to allow him to throw. Last night he gave it a shot, and it wasn’t going to happen. This is one of those Mother Nature things.”

Holland has 33 saves this season with a 1.64 ERA and 50 strikeouts in 38 1/3 innings. He was not needed in the Rockies’ loss to the Mets on Wednesday night.

You may recall that former Royals pitcher Jeremy Affeldt cut his right hand in 2011 while using a knife to separate frozen burger patties.

“I should have used hot water,” Affeldt said at the time. “If I had used a butter knife, nothing would have happened. The burger was coming loose and to wiggle it loose I used the knife and it pushed through the burger and right through my hand. It was not a slice, it’s an actual stab. … If it had been a serrated knife I could have done more damage.”

Affeldt went on the disabled list that season, so it was a much worse injury that what happened to Holland.

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