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New Chiefs linebacker once did yoga on rim of Seattle’s Space Needle

No one would ever say that an NFL player is not fearless, but I’m not sure every player would try this.

Linebacker Kevin Pierre-Louis, who was acquired by the Chiefs on Friday in a trade with the Seahawks, took a stroll on the rim of the Space Needle in Seattle earlier this month.

The walk on the Space Needle was done to raise awareness for a fundraising event for the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle.

Pierre-Louis was joined by Seattle linebacker K.J. Wright, and the two of them took their walk on July 12. In case you wondered, the rim of the Space Needle is 520 feet above the ground.

And, yeah, Pierre-Louis did a bit more than just walk. He stopped at one point and did some yoga poses, because ... why not?

Pierre-Louis shared these images on his social media accounts:

This is from the Space Needle’s Twitter account:

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