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Cowboys receiver gets dog back after he says it was kidnapped, held for ransom

Blitz before he was dognapped.
Blitz before he was dognapped.

This is a happy Tuesday for Dallas Cowboys receiver Lucky Whitehead.

On Sunday, Whitehead shared on Instagram that his dog, Blitz, had been kidnapped while he was out of town.

Here is what Whitehead wrote: “I’ve taken some time to collect my thoughts on this subject matter, and it’s very heartbreaking to say that Blitz has been stolen from my home last Sunday. While out of town, Blitz was being taken care of by a close friend at my house and someone broke in and took him. Whomever stole Blitz has contacted my phone numerous times, demanding ransom money. I strongly advise you to stop and return my boy safely before it gets any worse! If you know of any details regarding Blitz’s whereabouts or who may be involved in this, please contact me immediately.”

Ah, but there is a happy ending. Sports Illustrated reported that Whitehead had shared a video on his Snapchat account of Blitz and that the dog had been returned.

In a strange (well, stranger) twist, a Dallas-area rapper named Boogotti Kasino apparently had Blitz. Jeff Paul of KTVT in Dallas reported that a video showed Kasino with Blitz and asking for $20,000.

But Kasino tweeted that he had paid someone else for Blitz and was happy to return him to Whitehead, but just wanted back the money Kasino had paid for the dog — from a third party (I guess).

This, apparently, is the exchange taking place in which Blitz was returned to his owner:

This all sounds like a Coen brothers/“Keanu” movie mashup to me. But the important thing is that Whitehead got his dog back.

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