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The Fonz, er, actor Henry Winkler is Wichita State’s newest fan

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Henry Winkler is likely the only actor to jump a shark in two separate television shows: As The Fonz on “Happy Days” and as Barry Zuckerkorn on “Arrested Development.”

But Winkler is now hoping Wichita State’s season hasn’t jumped the shark after beating Kansas.*

*Jump the shark is a term used to signify the moment when a TV show has gone from good to bad.

Winkler is now a Wichita State fan: had a story on the Shockers’ newest supporter. It seems that Winkler’s son, Max, is friends with screenwriter Theodore Bressman.

According to ESPN, Bressman’s mother is from Wichita and his grandmother was the chairwoman of the Board of Trustees at Wichita State.

And now Bressman has convinced The Fonz that the Shockers are cool.

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