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Girl has ‘wicked ball mark’ after Mike Moustakas’ fly ball hit her in Home Run Derby

Mya Bartlett.
Mya Bartlett.

For 10-year-old Mya Bartlett of Las Vegas, one of the cool benefits of being a Pitch, Hit & Run finalist was being on the field during the Home Run Derby.

The Pitch, Hit & Run competition is broken into four age groups (7-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14) and two divisions (baseball and softball). Those 24 players were wearing green shirts and one of the groups shagging fly balls during the Home Run Derby on Monday in Miami.

When Royals third baseman Mike Moustakas was taking his swings, he hit a fly ball into center field in the final minute of his time and Bartlett was prepared to make the catch.

“She was going to catch the ball, but one of the big boys came running from the side in front and distracted her,” Mya’s father, Brandon, wrote in an email. “Otherwise, Mya said, ‘that ball was mine!’ 

You can see that in this clip:

Brandon Bartlett wrote in an email that Mya was hit in the base of the neck. But she didn’t miss much of the competition. Brandon wrote that Mya took a five-minute break and was back out for the next shift.

“She has a wicked ball mark on her neck, even a day later,” Brandon Bartlett wrote on Wednesday. “I have have a great photo of it. She is ok and that kid is tough!”

I’ll say. Take a look at his photo:

Mya Bartlett. Photo courtesy of Brandon Bartlett

Brandon said Mya was hoping that she can get Moustakas’ autograph — on the mark.

“That would have been a great photo,” Brandon wrote.

The one above is pretty good, too. Who knows? Maybe she will get Moustakas’ autograph on a ball instead.

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