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Danny Duffy posts series of tweets after Friday’s win that should fire up Royals fans

Kansas City Royals starting pitcher Danny Duffy.
Kansas City Royals starting pitcher Danny Duffy.

Hours before the Royals’ remarkable 5-4 comeback victory Friday over the Blue Jays at Kauffman Stadium, left-hander Danny Duffy was headed out the door.

“I’ll see you all in about 36 hours,” Duffy proclaimed.

Duffy is making a rehab start Saturday at Class AAA Omaha as he nears a return from an oblique injury, and he planned to be back with the team on Sunday.

But Duffy was with the Royals in spirit after their win Friday against the Blue Jays in front of a sold-out crowd. He was clearly fired up and tweeted a series of messages for fans.

First he wrote: “We need the K with THAT vibe for the rest of the year. Neeeeeedja fans! Well done tonight.. help us get to where we wanna go! ‪#BlueOctober”

Then was this: “Every year yall count us out. & late june, every year, we flip that switch. And the networks jump on board .. we never left, you guys.”

Duffy followed with: “...none of us have vacay plans in october. Dont sleep on the boys.”

Duffy then quoted a Coffey Anderson song as he implored fans to support Saturday’s starter, Jason Vargas: “Goodnight yall. Gotta pitch tomorrow. Ready to be Thelma to vargy’s louise. Except im a man. You know what i mean. Night!”

Before hitting the sack, Duffy retweeted the Royals’ video of Whit Merrifield’s two-run double that won Friday’s game.

On Saturday morning, Duffy was still feeling the buzz as he wrote: “Maaaaan im still geeked up dude. ‪@WhitMerrifield you so tight.”

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