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Royals broadcasters will be on top of Rivals Sports Bar for Tuesday’s game

Ryan Lefebvre and Rex Hudler will be out of the booth for Tuesday’s game.
Ryan Lefebvre and Rex Hudler will be out of the booth for Tuesday’s game.

You can expect to see a bit more of Royals broadcasters Ryan Lefebvre and Rex Hudler during Fox Sports Kansas City’s coverage of Tuesday night’s game against the Red Sox.

The duo will be calling the game from the Blue Moon Taproom on top of Rivals Sports Bar at Kauffman Stadium.

“It’s nice just to break it up and get out of the booth,” Lefebvre said.

Two years ago, Lefebvre called a game from the Craft and Draft section, while three years ago he was in the fountain seats in left-center field.

Being in the Blue Moon Taproom will come with a potentially difficult task, Lefebvre said.

“Right now, the sun sets right over the third-base line,” Lefebvre said. “So there is a lot of sun in that area. The biggest challenge they are having right now is trying to come up with some way for us to see the game for the first few innings, because the sun is going to be right in our eyes. But it will only last for a few innings.

“We’re not out there to win an Emmy award. We’re out there to have some fun and to sell that area as a great place to watch the game.”

Lefebvre admits to being out of his comfort zone when not in a booth. The view for calling the game is backward from what the broadcasters have been accustomed.

And there will be fans around them. A news release from the Royals notes that large groups can rent the area for parties of 100 to 200 guests.

“Maybe I get a little stage fright when I’m out amongst the crowd,” Lefebvre said, “but Hud makes up for that.”

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