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Funny video pokes fun at Stephen A. Smith’s wrong NBA Finals picks

Stephen A. Smith.
Stephen A. Smith. Photo

Based on this, you might want to bet against the team ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith picks to win the NBA Finals.

A Cavaliers fan compiled Smith’s choice to win the NBA Finals each year starting in 2011. Smith is 0 for 6. That fan turned the botched picks into a funny video.

Here is the breakdown of the last NBA Finals:

2011: Dallas beats Miami.

2012: Miami beats Oklahoma City.

2013: Miami beats San Antonio.

2014: San Antonio beats Miami.

2015: Golden State beats Cleveland.

2016: Cleveland beats Golden State.

There are two common denominators to that list: LeBron James played in the Finals each time and Smith picked wrong every single time. That’s not easy to do on both counts.

This is the video:

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