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Royals’ Drew Butera got the first-ever frozen ‘Salvy Splash’

Salvador Perez brought the ice for his “Salvy Splash.”
Salvador Perez brought the ice for his “Salvy Splash.”

What a nice night for Royals catcher Drew Butera.

It’s the Royals’ annual father’s trip, and Butera’s dad, Sal, was at Monday’s game. Butera had two hits, including his first home run of the season. He also had a pair of RBIs as the Royals beat the Rays 7-3 in St. Petersburg, Fla.

That earned Butera a rare road “Salvy Splash.” There wasn’t much water in the bucket (and it appeared that Butera requested the splash not have much liquid). However, there was a lot of ice. Thus, it was likely the very first frozen “Salvy Splash” in Royals history.

Important note: Butera’s hair still looked good afterward.

Take a look:

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