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Minor-league baseball game delayed by snake on the field

Of course this happened in a game involving the Arizona Diamondbacks’ minor-league affiliate.

The Reno Aces, the Diamondbacks’ Class AAA team, were playing a game against the Sacramento River Cats (the Giants’ affiliate) on Sunday when there was a delay because a snake was on the field. Somehow, the snake made it all the way to second base.

“I didn’t really notice it at first, but then I looked down and it was right at my feet,” Reno second baseman Jack Reinheimer told “I’ve never actually had it like right there next to my feet before without knowing it was there, so that was kind of strange.

“I don’t really do well with bugs and rodents and snakes and all anyway, so that was like the last place I was expected to be startled by something like that, but it was funny.”

The umpires stopped the game and a groundskeeper took the snake off the field in a bucket.

Here is a closer look at the little guy who caused a stir:

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