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‘John in the Bronx’ Blue Jays manager calls sports-talk show after Monday’s game

Toronto Blue Jays manager John Gibbons.
Toronto Blue Jays manager John Gibbons. The Associated Press

Toronto manager John Gibbons is still well-liked in Kansas City even though he spent just three seasons as a Royals coach from 2009-11.

One reason is Gibbons’ sense of humor, and he flashed that Monday night after the Blue Jays 7-1 victory over the Yankees in New York.

Gibbons called into “Jays Talk” with host Mike Wilner, who was trying to go to a commercial break when his producer insisted he talk this particular call.

“Hey, Mike. I’m sorry, first-time caller,” Gibbons said.

“All right, cool,” Wilner said. “You’ve got like two minutes. Go ahead.”

Gibbons started talking about Blue Jays pitcher Marco Estrada, and Wilner chuckled as he recognized the voice of the caller. Wilner dubbed him “John in The Bronx.”

Gibbons poked fun at Wilner, who apparently had questioned Gibbons’ decision to start Luke Maile over Russell Martin at catcher on Monday night, then turned his attention to a more pressing matter.

“Well, yeah, hey buddy,” Gibbons said, “what about those free tickets up there if you call in? You said something about promising free tickets.”

Wilner said that was in the works.

Then Gibbons asked: “What kind of ratings do you get on this show here?

“I’m confident on this show we get at least seven or eight people, pretty much every night,” Wilner said.

“Is it the same bozos every night?” Gibbons asked.

You can hear the conversation by clicking the link in the tweet:

Man, wouldn’t you love to hear Royals manager Ned Yost call 610 AM’s Josh Vernier after a game?

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