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Sporting KC’s Dom Dwyer said he could take WWE’s Brock Lesnar (in theory)

WWE Raw was at the Sprint Center on Monday, and announcer Mike Rome spoke with Sporting Kansas City striker Dom Dwyer ahead of the action.

A few things were revealed in the interview.

1. Dwyer said he is a fan of the Hardy Boys (the wrestlers).

2. Dwyer always aims to be the best in anything.

Rome asked who Dwyer would challenge in WWE.

“Who has the title right now? Brock Lesnar. Probably Brock,” Dwyer said.

Rome wondered why Dwyer picked Lesnar, who is apparently holds the Universal Championship belt.

“I think I can take him, honestly,” Dwyer said. “I heard he’s not here tonight, so I can say that. But I hope I never meet him, because I’m quite scared of him.”

Here is the entire talk:

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