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After five weeks apart, this dog at first didn’t recognize his owner, but it was pure joy when he did

If it sometimes seems like there are a lot of dog-related items on this blog, it’s for good reason.

I’m a confirmed dog lover.

Even if you are not overly enthusiastic about dogs, this video should make you smile. It’s of a man named Shane Godfrey. According to the website Bored Panda, Godfrey found an abandoned puppy last year and named him Willie.

Bored Panda reports that Godfrey recently had a run of terrible medical issues that included the flu, then double pneumonia, kidney failure, sepsis and encephalitis. All told, Godfrey was in the hospital for five weeks and he lost 50 pounds.

Willie stayed with Godfrey’s sister while his owner was in the hospital, the site said. When Godfrey finally was released, Willie didn’t recognize him. That is, until he smelled Godfrey. Then it was pure joy.

This is the best video you will see today, and that is Godfrey in the North Carolina Tar Heels T-shirt (a flimsy excuse for putting this on my blog, but I don’t care). The video is from the Twitter account Breaking 911.

“It still makes me tear up when I see the video,” Godfrey told Bored Panda. “… He won’t leave my side now that I’ve gotten back home.”

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