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Seven apps that every Royals fan should have

Kansas City Royals first baseman Eric Hosmer.
Kansas City Royals first baseman Eric Hosmer.

With the start of the 2017 baseball season upon us, this is a good time to update your phone or tablet with a few apps if you are a Royals fan.

Some of these apps are helpful to have if you are going to Kauffman Stadium, but some are just good to have if you are a fan of the Royals.

1. 15SOF

The name stands for 15 seconds of fame, and it’s a play off Andy Warhol’s famous quote.

What this app does is deliver a video clip of a fan at the game, if they are on a broadcast. After downloading the app, a fan takes a selfie and checks into the game he or she is attending. If the TV cameras capture an image of the person during a game, that clip will be sent to the fan after the contest is over.

“This is content that people have always wanted but never been able to receive before, so I hope people will download it and enjoy their 15 seconds of fame,” 15SOF Chief Executive Officer Brett Joshpe said.

Joshpe said that fans at a game often know they are on a videoboard, but may not realize they are on TV. This app will let them know.

“These moments, they are meant to last forever and we’re able to put them in a tangible format where literally they can last forever,” Joshpe said.

2. GameDay Sky

If you plan to attend a Royals game, you can get by with the weather apps that are out there. What’s cool about this app is that you can pick a team (actually multiple teams), and you’ll see the forecast for whatever city that team is playing a game.

For an upgrade ($1.99 a month), fans can get an in-game look at the radar beginning four hours before the start of a game.

3. Major League Baseball’s At Bat

There simply isn’t a better sports app. This app provides pitch-by-pitch updates on games and in-game box scores. That’s free. You can upgrade and get video highlights and radio broadcasts from any game. Another upgrade (to MLB TV) would allow you to stream out of market games.

4. Fox Sports Go

If you have a cable subscription, you’ll be able to stream the Royals games on your phone or tablet. You have undoubtedly been in a position in the past when you wished you could have been able to watch a game on your phone.

5. MiLB First Pitch

The ads can be a nuisance, but you can easily keep track of the Royals’ minor-league affiliates and follow a game if you choose.

6. MLB Ballpark app

This is basically a big commercial for Major League Baseball, but it’s free and there are some useful aspects. There is an interactive concourse map, which makes it easy to see food and drink options. You can also upgrade seats during a game.

7. True Blue

Hopefully you are reading this on your phone right now via our app. But I would be remiss if I didn’t mention this app from The Star. You get all of our stories and we have the Royals schedule, roster and more. And it’s free.

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