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Alex Gordon quietly did something cool for a kid in Wednesday’s game

Kansas City Royals left fielder Alex Gordon.
Kansas City Royals left fielder Alex Gordon.

It’s been a terrible start to the season for the Royals, but a two-game stretch like this in, say, June is merely a blip in the season.

But it’s magnified because it’s the start of the season. So if you are feeling bummed about how things have gone, here’s a silver lining: Royals left fielder Alex Gordon did something cool during Wednesday’s game against the Twins.

Check out this clip on a foul ball:

What a terrible thing to do, right? Well, the guy who grabbed the ball ended up not being a complete punk. He gave the ball to another kid:

But what about the kid with the red hat who seemed ready to snag the ball himself? He had a glove and was ready to make a memory.

Here’s where Gordon came up big. A few people at the game took note that Gordon went over the kid with the red hat and made his day.

Royals outfielder Alex Gordon ready for season to start 

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