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Royals players love In-N-Out Burger as much as the rest of us

In-N-Out Burger signs.
In-N-Out Burger signs. The Associated Press

Here is another example that shows professional athletes are just people, like you and me.

On Monday, Royals catcher Salvador Perez hit a home run and a double in a spring-training game against the Seattle Mariners and raised his average to .800. It was a heck of a start for Perez.

Among those who were impressed: Royals left-hander Danny Duffy, who tweeted this:

Well, that’s interesting, because here was the reply from Royals’ first baseman Eric Hosmer, who apparently made a run to In-N-Out Burger with Perez.

Perez had a very good excuse for getting In-N-Out: It was his cheat day. At least that’s how this message translates:

Duffy wasn’t about to judge. That makes sense, because if you’ve ever had In-N-Out, you make an effort to return.

For the record, Royals left fielder Alex Gordon is not on Twitter, so I can’t confirm if he was among those who were eating In-N-Out.

Who am I kidding? Of course he wasn’t.

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