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From ‘The Sandlot’ to ‘Hoosiers,’ artist creates fun trading cards of movie sports greats

What’s your favorite sports movie? Chances are that artist Cuyler Smith has created a trading card of the character(s) from that flick.

Smith, who is based in California and sharing his artwork on Instagram (his social media contact @cuylersmith), has designed cards from a variety of movies, including some that you might not consider a sports film.

Some of Smith’s creations are below, but he also made fun cards from movies like “The Royals Tenenbaums,” “Air Bud,” “Happy Gilmore” and “Cool Runnings.” Smith wrote in an email that the first card he created was Jimmy Duggan, the manager in “A League Of Their Own.”

“That was for a Tom Hanks themed show at the gallery,” Smith wrote. “I started with a portrait, but came up with the idea to print them the size of a baseball card. After the response from that, I found a printer that makes the actual cards.”

Smith said the time it takes to make a card varies.

“They start as traditional sketches, then I color them digitally, design the card, and finally research info and stats for the back,” Smith wrote.

You can find more of his work here (including information he has for the backs of the cards), but let’s take a look a few of his pieces of art.

Here are two of the key members of the Cleveland Indians from the movie “Major League:”

Chevy Chase played newspaper reporter Irwin Fletcher, who had literally dreamed of being a star player for the Los Angeles Lakers in the movie “Fletch.”

“Rocky” is one of the best sports movies ever, although there are some who think “Rocky IV” is the best of the series (and that is not correct):

Here is Bill Murray as Ernie McCracken, the bowler with questionable moral standards, from “Kingpin:”

If you watched the television show “Saved By The Bell,” then you know Slater was a wrestler. Here his card:

And one more. Coach Norman Dale from “Hoosiers,” the basketball movie that will be quoted a lot from now until the college basketball championship game.

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