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NHL team tells fans to stop doing the Wave

Fans did the Wave at a Royals game in 2014.
Fans did the Wave at a Royals game in 2014.

It happens all time at Kauffman Stadium. Around the seventh inning, some fans will try and get the Wave started. It usually begins in the upper deck, but thankfully, never takes hold.

The Wave seems to have a small but devoted following, but I’ve never heard of a sports team coming out in favor or against it. Until now.

Fans at the Arizona Coyotes’ game on Monday at Gila River Arena tried to start the Wave, but the team took to Twitter to shoot them down.

Way to go, Coyotes.

According to ESPN, the roots of the Wave has been traced back to an Oakland A’s game in 1981. For the unfamiliar (I’m jealous of you), the Wave involves fans in one section of a stadium standing and waving their arms. The next section over does the same, and the next thing you know, there is a wave going around a stadium.


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