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It’s not ‘Terminator,’ but Jose Canseco warns that robots are a threat to human existence

Jose Canseco.
Jose Canseco.

On Super Bowl Sunday, former major-league outfielder Jose Canseco tweeted that robots were becoming a big problem. However, there wasn’t time for Canseco to get all of his analysis out there.

On Monday, Canseco finally had time to collect his thoughts, and he went on a bit of a Twitter rant. Here’s the bad news: We’re all doomed. But it won’t be a “Terminator” situation.

Nevertheless, Canseco said the robots have started their domination.

ENIAC is an acronym for for Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer, which became known in 1946.

The next tweet had to be edited because of language, but Canseco wrote: “Listen to ME all humans we need to wake the (heck) up.”

Here is the crux of what the machines are going to do to us all.

Welp. It’s been good knowing all of you.

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