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Mia the beagle amusingly loses focus during Westminster Dog Show’s agility competition

I need to offer this disclaimer before I even start on this post. My dog likely would not have completed the obstacle course at all.

That being said, Mia the beagle absolutely stole the show at the Westminster Dog Show’s agility competition. Mia finished, but she had a few starts and stops along the way. Mia had a bit of trouble keeping her focus in this funny video, but that doesn’t matter, because one thing is true.

She is a good dog. A very good dog.

Take a look at Mia’s run:

Kudos to the handler, whose name is Natalie Fisher, for keeping Mia on the right track.

How is the course supposed to be run? Well, let’s let Trick the border collie show you how it’s done.

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