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Royals catcher Erik Kratz once was a pitchman for turkey bacon

Kansas City Royals Erik Kratz.
Kansas City Royals Erik Kratz. The Kansas City Star

During the Royals’ postseason run last year, there were a few stories that I didn’t quite get the time to write, despite getting some fun material.

This is one of those stories. The best way to open this tale about Royals catcher Erik Kratz’s time as a spokesman for a turkey bacon company is to show the videos:

That’s Kratz talking to a cartoon turkey. Godshall’s is his dad’s company, and while Kratz was with the Phillies a couple years back, his father’s partner asked if Kratz would try his hand at the commercials.

“The guys who filmed it did a really good job,” Kratz said. “It wasn’t as corny as it could have been.”

How difficult was it to talk with a cartoon turkey?

“It wasn’t bad,” Kratz said. “They had a water bottle there and they took it away and I basically talked through it to a spot on the wall. It was cool. It was a lot of fun. It’s gotten a lot of publicity.”

Kratz became something of a cult hero in Philadelphia (The Turkey Bacon Backstop) thanks to those commercials.

The commercials weren’t just to help dad. Kratz prefers turkey bacon.

“I don’t eat pork bacon anymore,” Kratz said. “More health reasons, trying to be healthy. It’s the best turkey bacon I’ve ever had. Everybody sees turkey bacon and they’re like, ‘Ugh.’ But try my dad’s turkey bacon. It’s unbelievable.”

Here are a couple more commercials he did:

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