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David Beaty recounts story of a KU coach who got physically ill at a recruit’s house

Kansas Jayhawks football coach David Beaty.
Kansas Jayhawks football coach David Beaty.

The Big 12 Conference recently asked some of the league’s football coaches to talk about their strange recruiting stories, and Kansas’ David Beaty stole the show.

Beaty recalled a time when he was at KU before becoming head coach (Beaty was wide receiver coach in 2008-09 and co-offensive coordinator in 2011), and a coach with a shellfish allergy at a shrimp dinner at a recruit’s house.

The coach in question is not mentioned, but this is a case of going above and beyond the call of duty.

This is what Beaty said in his segment:

“One of the top players that we were recruiting when I was at Kansas the first time, we went to their house and they made dinner for us. The coach that I was with was allergic to fish — any kind of shellfish — and we wanted this guy really bad. And he ate the fish and his windpipe closed up. I mean, we had to take him to the hospital after that. It was a bad deal, but we wanted that kid bad, so he had to do what he had to do. He ate the shrimp, every one of them. And I watched him start to turn red, I knew something was wrong.”


No word on whether or not the Jayhawks got the kid.

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