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Scuba diver finds 3-iron that Rory McIroy threw into a lake

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Who among us hasn’t done this/wanted to do this on a golf course?

Then again, who among us is anywhere near the golf player Rory McIlroy is?

McIlroy let his 3-iron go into the drink Friday at the WGC-Cadillac Championship.

“It was heat of the moment, and I mean, if it had of been any other club I probably wouldn’t have. But I didn’t need a 3-iron for the rest of the round, so I thought, why not?” McIlroy told the Sun-Sentinel. “It isn’t one of my proudest moments. But you know, walked away with a bogey and did OK from then.”

That iron didn’t stay in the water for very long.

The club was found:


The guy who found @rorymcilroy 3 iron!

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Here is video of the discovery of the century (from The Golf Channel):

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