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Watch puppies make picks for NFL conference championship games

The NFL championship games on Sunday look like they could be two good games.

I’m not a betting man, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to know which teams are favored — particularly when puppies are making the picks.

Ahead of the first eight playoff games, Petplan Insurance has had the dogs pick between two bowls that have the names of the teams playing in a particular game.

The pups haven’t been particularly successful, but they were 5-3 through the first two weekends. And, hey, it’s puppies! So take a look at the picks for Sunday’s games:

If the dogs are right, it’ll be Atlanta vs. New England in Super Bowl LI.

And if you think the puppies always pick the bowl on the right, take a look at this video of a dog picking the winner of the Raiders-Texans game in the Wild Card Round:

That’s a smart dog for picking against the Raiders!

Last week’s dog to pick games was Bean, who went 3-1. Guess which game he got wrong:

You can learn more about the dogs here.

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