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Sneakergate may have erupted at Royals spring-training camp

Twitter screenshot


We may have the first real controversy at the Royals’ spring-training camp.

Ten days ago, Royals pitcher Jeremy Guthrie announced he was done collecting Air Jordans. Had a special news conference and everything.

Funny thing is, Eric Hosmer took this photo in the clubhouse on Thursday:


Retirement???????? @therealjguts sketchy bro!

A photo posted by Eric Hosmer (@hosmer305) on

It does appear that Guthrie is opening a shoe-sized box. Sketchy indeed, Mr. Hosmer.

But Guthrie tweeted that it was all a big misunderstanding:

Then again, maybe Hosmer didn’t mean sketchy but rather Skechers. Could be what Guthrie is collecting these days.

But more than likely Hosmer was messing with Guthrie.

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