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Who would win a footrace: Jarrod Dyson, Terrance Gore or Tyreek Hill?

Kansas City sports teams have speed to burn.

The Royals have two of the fastest players in the majors in Jarrod Dyson and Terrance Gore, while Chiefs rookie Tyreek Hill’s speed has been giving opposing teams fits all season.

But who among them is the fastest? That’s a question that may never be answered, and honestly doesn’t need to be answered. But, hey, it’s a fun topic.

Here are a few facts about the three.

Jarrod Dyson: In the process of rounding the bases on an inside-the-park home run in 2015, Dyson once reached a top speed of 21.5 mph. He has previously told Jeff Flanagan that he ran a 4.2 in the 40 in college.

Terrance Gore: He was once ran a 60-yard dash in 6.32 seconds, which translates to a 4.23 time in the 40-yard dash. In high school, Gore ran a 40-yard dash in 4.29 seconds.

Tyreek Hill: At his Pro Day at West Alabama, Hill ran a 4.24 in the 40. At Oklahoma State, Hill set a school record in the 60-yard dash with a personal best of 6.61.

OK, you know a little more about all three. Clearly, playing different sports skews things, so the only way we would really answer the question is by having them race. That’s likely never going to happen, so why not just vote on who you think would win?

It might make a difference on the distance of the race, so let’s go with an old-fashioned grade-school 50-yard dash. Who do you think would win a 50-yard dash if Jarrod Dyson, Terrance Gore and Tyreek Hill raced?

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