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Royals’ Ned Yost plummets in ranking of most handsome managers

Ned Yost
Ned Yost

If it’s almost Christmas, that can mean only one thing*: the ranking of the most handsome managers in Major League Baseball is here.

*OK, so obviously are many other things that happen at Christmastime.

Craig Calcaterra of ranks all 30 managers each December, and he always begins with a few conditions: No one is ugly and the list is subjective.

“Finally,” Calcaterra wrote for this year’s rankings, “because some of you will inevitably offer a neanderthal comment about all of this, let me head it off by assuring you that this is merely a list of aesthetic handsomeness, not one of love or longing. I hate that even in 2016 I feel as though I have to say it, but I will say that I am a totally straight man making these judgments. If you find something wrong or amiss with that, I feel sorry for you.”

As for the list, the Tigers’ Brad Ausmus was ranked No. 1, taking the top spot from Cardinals’ skipper Mike Matheny.

Royals manager Ned Yost fell from No. 3 in 2015 to seventh this year. Calcaterra noted that Yost seemed different at a news conference at the Winter Meetings.

“The body language during his presser was more clenched and less expressive than we’ve seen in the past,” Calcaterra wrote. “None of us deal well with adversity, but going from World Series champ to missing the playoffs has taken a subtle but perceptible toll on his Ned’s hunkiness.”

You can find the entire rankings here.

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