For Pete's Sake

Raiders fans drank all the booze on a flight to KC. All of it

After the way Thursday’s game played out, I wouldn’t be surprised if this happens on the way back to California as well.

On a trip to Kansas City on Wednesday, the passengers on a plane that had many Raiders fans on it apparently drank all of the alcohol, according to Jimmy Durkin, a reporter for the San Jose Mercury News. That’s every drop.

That’s crazy, right? Durkin tweeted that he was on a Southwest Airlines flight. It’s not like Southwest doesn’t offer a wide variety of alcohol, either. Their menu is actually quite extensive.

And, no, it wasn’t the Raiders who enjoyed themselves on the flight, but someone asked Durkin if that was the case.

While the fans probably didn’t enjoy seeing the Chiefs win 21-13 or the bitter cold at Arrowhead Stadium, at least that flight sounds like it was fun.

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