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Chiefs are one of five teams picked to win Super Bowl in state-by-state survey

The Chiefs are the pick in Kansas.
The Chiefs are the pick in Kansas.

Kansas has flipped from a blue state to a red state. Well, Panthers blue to Chiefs red.

Before the season, asked 200 people each state who they thought would win the Super Bowl. At that time, the map looked like this:

That’s 10 different teams that fans thought would win Super Bowl LI. A lot of regional choices were included like the Cardinals, Colts and Bengals.

Only Texas thought the Cowboys would win the Super Bowl, but that has changed dramatically in the latest survey (again asking 200 fans in each state):

Well, how about that? Kansas has high hopes for the Chiefs, while the Cowboys are the pick in 13 states.

The Patriots lead the way 23 states, while it’s 10 for the Seahawks and three for the Broncos.

If nothing else, the Chiefs are in elite company.

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