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These NFL helmets designed by artists in Mexico are truly unique

That wasn’t your typical Monday Night Football game, and no, I’m not say that because of the number of calls that seemed to help the Oakland Raiders beat the Houston Texans.

It’s because the game was played in Mexico City, the first time the NFL had played in Mexico since 2005.

The NFL shared helmets of all 32 teams as designed by artists in Mexico ahead of the game.

The first thing you have to do before seeing these helmets is throw out any idea of it being a twist on the current helmets. This is unlike anything you’ve seen before.

They are 32 pieces of art. Here is a look at some of them, starting with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

This is the Denver Broncos:

And here is the Oakland Raiders:

This is the San Diego Chargers’ helmet

This is a beautiful Miami Dolphins helmet;

This is two looks at the Chiefs helmet:

Here is the helmet for the Philadelphia Eagles:

This is two looks at the Jacksonville Jaguars:

And this is the Chicago Bears helmet:

You can find all of the helmets here.

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