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Gonzaga basketball fans wanted a spot for its ‘Tent City’ and it turned into ‘World War Z’

Those Gonzaga fans must love the great outdoors. How else to explain the reaction to students wanting to get a spot to camp out for tickets to a men’s basketball game?

Gonzaga is playing San Diego State on Monday night on ESPN2, and the student section (named the Gonzaga Kennel Club) was going to give fans a chance to get tickets for that coveted front row, where fans have the best chance to get on TV.

That would require getting a spot near the front of the line and camping out for the night. But first fans had to get a tent number from the Gonzaga Kennel Club, which said it would tweet the location on campus where those would be distributed.

When that tweet was finally sent on Sunday, Gonzaga fans sprinted to the location and it looked like Black Friday. Or the movie “World War Z.”

Take a look:

And here is one more. But it comes with this warning: There is some bad language, so please don’t click on this if you might be offended.

So what gives? It really is all about getting on TV.

“It’s going to feel great being in that front row… hoping to be on ESPN, that’s the goal,” graduate student Chanse Ward told the Spokesman-Review.

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