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KU basketball team, Dallas Cowboys latest to do Mannequin Challenge

The latest craze sweeping the nation involves no talking, no dancing, no moving, no anything.

It’s the Mannequin Challenge, which you may have already seen or wondered about, and all it requires is a bunch of people not moving (hence the mannequin name), and it has taken off, particularly in the sports world. It was big at the high school level, but now colleges and pro teams are getting into the act.

Who are some of the latest to join in the fun? The KU men’s basketball team:

A couple of pro football teams did the Mannequin Challenge as well. This is from the Buffalo Bills:

And the Dallas Cowboys also took the challenge on an airplane:

Here is a sign that perhaps the craze is jumping the shark. Jerry Jones did the Mannequin Challenge and managed to promote a pizza company at the same time:

After TCU crushed Baylor on Saturday, the celebration included the Mannequin Challenge.

On Saturday, the SEC Network football pregame show hosts took part in the fun:

And, finally, there is the Navy football team. After a shocking victory over Notre Dame, the Midshipmen also celebrated with the Mannequin Challenge ... on the field.

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