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Marlins Man says death threats from Indians fans are keeping him from World Series

Laurence Leavy (Marlins Man) was at last season’s American League Championship Series at Kauffman Stadium.
Laurence Leavy (Marlins Man) was at last season’s American League Championship Series at Kauffman Stadium.

Marlins Man has become such a staple at sporting events — particularly championship games — that it’s been odd not to see him at any of the World Series games.

Laurence Leavy, who gained prominence for sitting behind home plate at Kauffman Stadium in the 2014 World Series, told the Miami Herald that it all stems from a bad experience earlier this year at an Indians game that has spiraled out of control.

Leavy told the Herald that he was accosted because of his usual garb — Miami Marlins jersey and visor. He said Indians fans were still upset about the 1997 World Series, which the Marlins won in seven games against Cleveland. On that June night earlier this year, Levy says he was “attacked.”

“The Cleveland Indians watched the video and tried to make things right, offered me 200 tickets for July 4th to bring police and firemen,” he told the Herald. “I told them no and went to the Marlins-Mets games in New York. I’ve never, in all my years, left a stadium in fear.”

Since that Facebook video, Leavy said the abuse has continued. He skipped the games in Cleveland and told the Herald he was afraid to attend the games at Wrigley Field for fear of being accosted by an Indians fan there.

“After getting dozens of death threats and hundreds of threats of violence against me, thousands of people I had to block (on Twitter), I decided it wasn’t worth my safety or health,” Leavy told the Hearld.

“How do I know there won’t be a wacko in Cleveland — or someone for Cleveland in Chicago — looking for me? Cleveland could have won that series in Chicago. I just figured it wasn’t worth risking my safety on these lunatics from Cleveland.”

Leavy now hopes to put a curse on the Indians, although you might argue the franchise is already cursed, because it hasn’t won the World Series since 1948.

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