For Pete's Sake

White Sox reportedly tried to alter logo at their stadium, Guaranteed Rate Field

It’s a big day in Chicago.

The Bears won on Monday night and the Cubs are still alive in the World Series, but the most important story: U.S. Cellular Field is no more. The home of the Chicago White Sox, as of Tuesday, is now Guaranteed Rate Field.

You may recall that the company with the logo of a big red arrow pointing down bought the stadium rights in August and everyone got a big laugh out of it.

After the excitement about making a deal to receive a large sum of money*, perhaps the White Sox realized that the downward arrow might not be the best thing to be on a stadium where there hasn’t been a playoff game in eight seasons (and counting).

To paraphrase from the movie Back To School: “I’d just like to say in all fairness to Mr. Mellon here ... it was a really big check.”

Crain’s Chicago Business reported that the White Sox thought it would be better to have a big red image of home plate rather than the arrow, but Guaranteed Rate CEO Victor Ciardelli nixed that.

“I know that there are fans that don’t like the fact that there’s a downward red arrow on the ballpark, but I have a hard time understanding the relevance between our mortgage company’s main logo and how that negatively impacts the team or the fans,” told Danny Ecker of Crain’s Chicago Business. “The whole reason we’re doing this is to build national brand recognition.”

And, so, the Chicago White Sox home now has the big red arrow that points down.

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