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Kelvin Herrera reminds MLB that Royals’ bullpen was great last year

Kansas City Royals relief pitcher Kelvin Herrera.
Kansas City Royals relief pitcher Kelvin Herrera.

Much has been said and written about the Cleveland Indians bullpen during the World Series.

The Indians’ Andrew Miller has pitched incredibly, and Cleveland’s 62 bullpen strikeouts during the playoffs is fourth all-time by any team in a single postseason. The 2015 Royals have the record with 89, followed by the 2014 Royals (70) and the 2002 Angels (66).

The Indians’ bullpen is averaging 1.29 strikeouts per nine innings with 1.06 WHIP in the playoffs, which is tick below the 2015 Royals in the postseason (1.38 strikeouts per nine innings/1.04 WHIP).

Cleveland’s bullpen ERA this postseason is 1.69, which is better than last season’s Royals (2.51). Opponent batting average in the playoffs has been slightly better for Cleveland (.201), compared with the 2015 Royals (.219).

But, basically it’s a wash. Both the Royals last year and the Indians this fall have had incredible bullpens.

That may be why Royals relief pitcher Kelvin Herrera was surprised to see this tweet from Major League Baseball:

Herrera had the perfect response.

The Royals also though that tweet from Major League Baseball was odd, given how the Royals depended on their bullpen to win the 2015 World Series.

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