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High school senior wrote in 1993 yearbook that Cubs would win 2016 World Series

Who among us doesn’t have some embarrassing memory in our high school yearbooks? The more years since graduation, the more, ah, unfortunate the photos and things said that are in a yearbook.

Unless you are Mike Lee.

In his 1993 yearbook for Mission Viejo High School in California, Lee used his senior quote to predict the Cubs would win the World Series in 2016. That’s a pretty specific prediction, but it could come true.

Lee was originally from Chicago and he lives there now. WGN caught up with him and asked about that fateful prediction.

“It just came from when I was a kid, I had a dream about it,” Lee said. “It was up on that red scoreboard that they have with Harry Carey blasting away: ‘Cubs win the World Series.’ It was pretty vivid. That’s why I remembered it all the way through high school and now I’m getting reminded again.”

You better believe he’s getting reminded of it again. Of course not all the details are correct (Harry Caray passed away in 1998), but the Cubbies could still do it.

Here is Lee’s interview with WGN:

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