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Jeremy Guthrie has ‘news conference’ to announce retirement from collecting Air Jordans

YouTube screenshot

Anyone following Royals pitcher Jeremy Guthrie on social media knows he has a love for Air Jordans and Justin Timberlake’s music.

Guthrie’s timelines may soon have fewer sneaker posts.

On Monday, Guthrie posted this video to YouTube where he announced he was retiring from adding to his Air Jordan collection.

Two years ago, Guthrie told me he had 370 pairs of Air Jordans, a number that is surely much larger now.

Why the fascination? Guthrie said he admired Jordan’s short-lived attempt at professional baseball.

“That’s a huge teacher to me as to what success is,” Guthrie said in 2013. “It’s not always about the numbers, but it’s about the effort you put forth, the work you put into what it is you’re passionate about and accepting the outcome — good or bad.

“If it’s bad and you’re not successful, but if you continue to work and do stay positive and do the things that help you become better, you can consider yourself a success even if the world sees it differently.”

Guthrie apparently was a success at collecting those shoes. In the video, he shows off his collection:

Anyone else remember the last time Guthrie had a news conference in front of that particular backdrop? Me either.

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