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That time KU football coach David Beaty almost ran over Bill Self with his car

Time Warner Cable’s SportsChannel KC shared a sweet video on Twitter on Thursday.

Leif Lisec introduced a segment about Kansas football coach David Beaty, who drives his daughter Alexa to school each day. In fact, Beaty allows his assistants do the same, so SportsChannel KC followed Beaty and offensive coordinator Rob Likens as they took their kids to school.

It is neat to look at the coaches as what really matters: fathers. There was fun behind-the-scenes interactions between the kids and the coaches.

But, there was also this funny moment. Beaty notes that KU basketball coach Bill Self was driving past. Beaty tells his daughter that he almost ran over Self.


From the video: “I was turning out of the neighborhood the other day and he was jogging and I had my head down and I almost ran into him,” Beaty said.

“I texted him, I was like, ‘Sorry man.’ What a great dude.”

Here is the video:

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