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Bob Newhart is proudly ‘Flying The W’ after Cubs victories

These baseball playoff games that go late into the night are heaven for night owls, but rough on people who get up early.

You know, people like actor/comedian Bob Newhart.

But Newhart, who grew up in the Chicago area and later based his 1970s television show “The Bob Newhart Show” there, is not about to miss a minute of a Cubs playoff game. Newhart was born in 1929 in Oak Park, Ill., and he has actually seen the Cubs in the World Series (in 1945), but like anyone else who’s alive, he’s never seen them win it all.

In a 2003 interview with the Sioux City Journal, Newhart talked about his happy marriage, the success of his standup career, his two television shows (“Newhart” was big in the 1980s), his appearances on other programs and his overall good health. He’s had a good life.

His only regret: the Cubs’ failure to make it to the World Series.

“Being a Cub fan prepares you for life,” he told the Journal. “You’re ahead right now, but you find some way of blowing it.”

The tables were turned on Tuesday night when the Cubs rallied from a three-run deficit in the ninth inning and beat the San Francisco Giants 6-5 in Game 4 of the National League Division Series.

That clinched the series for Chicago, and afterward, Newhart posted this on Twitter:

It wasn’t the first time Newhart waved the flag. Here was his tweet after Game 1 of the series on Friday:

After all the laughter Newhart has brought people, wouldn’t it be nice for the Cubs to bring him a little joy?

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