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Cleveland Indians’ Twitter account has upped its trolling game

Winning’s fun, right?

In the first few hours after beating the Boston Red Sox in the American League Division Series, the Cleveland Indians’ Twitter account went into troll-mode.

First up? The Red Sox.

The Indians roughed up Boston starter Rick Porcello in the first game of the series, and pitching coach Carl Willis said there were times when Cleveland “seemed to be ready for (a pitch).”

The Herald reported that the Red Sox changed their signs in the game. Reporter Jason Mastrodonato asked if there was a worry that the Indians had figured out Porcello’s signs, and Willis smiled and said, “Yeah, you never know.”

So the Indians tweeted this:

Not to settle for just one bit of trolling, the Indians’ Twitter account took aim at Yahoo Sports. Specifically, Yahoo’s postseason picks.


Kudos to whoever is running the Indians’ Twitter account. It’s often full of fun stuff. Earlier this year, a Royals fan had a fun exchange with the Indians on Twitter.

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