Fishing Tournament Trail for Oct. 21

Reports of upcoming events or results can be made by emailing bfrazee@kcstar.com or by calling 816-234-4319 by noon Monday. Results should include spellings of names and hometowns of the first two places and the big-fish winner. Upcoming events should include the lake, sanctioning body of the tournament, time, date, takeoff site, entry fee and a contact number for more information.


▪ JOE BASS TEAM TRAIL: Invitational bass tournament Saturday and Sunday at Lake of the Ozarks. 1. Terry Blankenship and Mike Malone, 10 bass, 32.95 pounds, $6,820. 2. Kavan Maybee and Josh Wray, 9 bass, 29.89 pounds, $3,820. Big bass: Maybee and Wray, 6.8 pounds.

▪ JACOMO BASS CLUB: Buddy bass tournament Sunday at Lake Jacomo. 1. Dave Wagner, Blue Springs, and Kerry Moore, Lake Winnebago, 4 bass, 14.15 pounds, $360. 2. Marc Busker and Tim Pogue, Blue Springs, 3 bass, 10.65 pounds, $215. Big bass: Kris Lockard, Lee’s Summit, 4.55 pounds, $120.

▪ BLUE SPRINGS BUDDY BASS: Buddy bass tournament Saturday at Blue Springs Lake. 1. John Martin, Lee’s Summit, and Ed Phillips, Blue Springs, 3 bass, 11.56 pounds, $80. 2. Chip Jarrett and Jim Rice, Lee’s Summit, 3 bass, 8.57 pounds, $110. Big bass: Martin, 4.66 pounds, $60.

To reach Brent Frazee, The Star’s outdoors editor, call 816-234-4319 or send email to bfrazee@kcstar.com