Five baits to start with when you’re fishing for hatchery-raised trout

So, you’re new to this trout fishing? Here are five baits that are sure to put fish on the stringer, whether you’re trying your luck at one of the Kansas lakes or the Missouri trout parks.

▪ POWERBAIT: The purists might look down at this dough bait, but the simple truth is, it works. Particularly in still waters, where fishermen can cast it out and wait for a hit, PowerBait is hard to beat.

▪ SMALL MARABOU JIGS: A 1/32nd-ounce black and yellow marabou jig has long been a killer at Bennett Spring State Park. Once fishermen clean their fish and the remains drift into the stream, the rainbows often feed on the pieces swept downstream. That’s when a white jig often works well.

▪ SMALL SPINNERS: Rooster Tails, particularly in the dark colors, can be a great early-morning lure at both the Kansas lakes such as Shawnee Mission and Wyandotte or at the trout parks.

▪ EGG PATTERN FLIES: If you’re wanting to use a fly rod, try the egg pattern or glow ball as it is often called. Jim Rogers, longtime flyfishing instructor at Bennett Spring, recommends white or orange as the best colors.

▪ CRACKLEBACK FLY: Rogers also recommends a crackleback fly, especially in a dark color. It is a good all-around fly, he said, and can be used in a number of situations.