Fishing report for Sept. 29


BULL SHOALS: 80 degrees, clear, normal. Outlook: 125 Marina reports: Smallmouth and Kentucky bass excellent at night on green or pumpkin-colored topwater baits; catfish good on juglines and trotlines with cut bait; walleyes fair 20 to 25 feet down on bottom-bouncers and deep-running crankbaits.

TANEYCOMO: 50s, very clear, generation erratic: Outlook: Lilly’s Landing Resort reports: On days with no generation, trout good early and late using 2-pound test line on air-injected nightcrawlers and floating Gulp and Powerbait dough and eggs — best colors have been pink, orange and sunrise —also marabou jigs from  1/32 to  3/32 ounces in black and brown and sculpin and peach with an orange head. Rusty midges, copper midges and harvester midges are preferred flies.

NORFORK: 80 degrees, cloudy, 1 foot high. Outlook: Bink’s Guide Service reports: Lake is turning over. Crappies very good on white, 1/4-ounce Bink’s jigging spoons in 25 to 30 feet of water over brush piles and in the back of creeks; catfish fair (but good sized) in creeks.

LONGVIEW: High 70s, 32-inch water clarity, 1 foot high. Outlook: Longview Marina reports: Bass good (a 6  1/2-pounder was caught over the weekend) on soft plastics and spinnerbaits; catfish good (a 4  1/2-pounder was caught this week); crappies good on jigs and minnows off the docks and in the timber; bluegills fair to good.

POMME DE TERRE: 77 degrees, fair clarity, 2 feet high. Outlook: Muskie Guide Service reports: Bass good on crankbaits, Carolina rigs and spinnerbaits; crappies good at depth of 15 feet in 30 feet of water over brush piles; walleyes fair in back of coves; muskies very good in back of coves and in shallows on crankbaits and bucktails.

LAKE OF THE OZARKS: 79 degrees, dingy, normal. Outlook: Gier’s Bass Pro reports: Bass fair on topwater baits in back of creeks; crappies fair to good in 20 feet of water on jigs or minnows; catfish fair to good in 70 to 80 feet of water on the main lake on cut bait and live bluegills.

REED AREA: 68 degrees, clear, full pool. Outlook: Department of Conservation reports: Black bass fair on soft plastics near cover; channel catfish fair on chicken liver and worms; crappies fair on tube jigs and minnows near brush piles and weed bed lines; bluegills and redears good on worms and crickets.

STOCKTON: 78 degrees, clear, 4 feet low. Outlook: Stockton Lake Guide Service reports: Crappies fair in brush piles in 10 to 14 feet of water on jigs and minnows; bass fair over brush at depth of 8 to 12 feet on soft plastics; walleyes good on jigs and nightcrawlers in 10 to 14 feet of water on the flats and off points; white bass excellent on Rooster Tails on main lake where fish are surfacing.

JACOMO: 73 degrees, clearing, normal. Outlook: Forty Woods Bait and Tackle reports: Channel catfish fair on cut shad and dip bait; bluegills very good on red worms and wax worms; largemouth bass fair on spinnerbaits early and late and on large minnows near drop-offs; white bass good early and late near Sailboat Cove area on small swim jigs and pepper spoons; crappies poor to fair early around docks and off main-lake brush; walleyes poor trolling with worm harnesses near the dam.

BLUE SPRINGS: Low 70s, clearing, normal. Outlook: Forty Woods Bait and Tackle reports: Channel catfish fair on dip baits, cut shad and nightcrawlers; bluegills very good on wax worms and crickets; crappies poor to fair (and small) early on small minnows and microjigs off marina docks; hybrids fair on chicken livers and large swimbaits near the spillway and blow hole; largemouth bass good on shiners near docks and covered banks.

TABLE ROCK: 81 degrees, dingy, 4 feet low. Outlook: Baxter Boat Dock reports: Smallmouth and largemouth bass good (but small) and Kentucky bass good in 25 to 30 feet of water on drop-shot rigs and nightcrawlers.

TRUMAN: 78, lightly stained to clear, 1  1/2 feet high. Outlook: Guide Bob Bates reports: Crappies good (but scattered) on minnows in cedar trees in 20 feet of water; white bass and hybrids very good on 1-ounce spoons near surfacing fish; walleyes fair on spoons.

SMITHVILLE: 74 degrees, clear, normal. Outlook: Burton’s Bait and Tackle reports: Catfish excellent on nightcrawlers and dip baits in the back of the creeks; bass poor; crappies fair to good on minnows in brush piles in 8 to 12 feet of water on the main lake; walleyes fair off main-lake points; white bass good early and late near the dam on pepper spoons. Below the dam: Flathead catfish good.


COFFEY COUNTY: Mid-70s, clear, 1 foot high. Outlook: Coffey County reports: Smallmouth bass fair; all other species slow.

MELVERN: 77 degrees, clear, 3  1/2 feet high. Outlook: Melvern Marina reports: Crappies fair off the docks on jigs and minnows; white bass good on crankbaits; all other species slow.

CLINTON: 72 degrees, murky, 2 feet high. Outlook: Clinton Marina reports: Crappies good early on jigs off the docks; bluegills fair; all other species slow.

POMONA: 79 degrees, clear, normal pool. Outlook: Lighthouse Bay Marina reports: All species slow.

SHAWNEE MISSION PARK: 78 degrees, murky. Outlook: Johnson County Park and Recreation District reports: Catfish fair lakewide on liver and dough bait in the evening; sunfish fair on worms along shore lines; crappies fair early on minnows and jigs along shore line; bass good early along shore lines on spinners and soft plastics; wipers good on sunfish along dam; trout poor;.

KILL CREEK PARK: 76 degrees, murky. Outlook: Johnson County Park and Recreation District reports: crappies fair on minnows and jigs in deeper water along tree lines; panfish fair on worms; bass good on spinners and soft plastics along north shore early and late; catfish fair on liver and dough bait off shore lines and along island; trout poor.

PERRY: 74 degrees, muddy, 9 feet high. Outlook: Don and Tom’s Bait and Tackle reports: High water has affected most ramps. All species slow.

MILFORD: 73 degrees, clear, 3 feet high. Outlook: Guide Vic Oertle reports: Wipers good on Double W Shad Flutter Spoons, topwater baits and Bubbas from Curtis Creek to Milford townsite; white bass good in backs of creeks on topwater baits, Bubbas and Double W Shad Flutter Spoons.

WILSON: 74 degrees, murky, 1  1/2 feet high. Outlook: Knothead’s reports: Smallmouth bass good on live bait, crankbaits and spinnerbaits; stripers good on live bait and slabs; channel catfish good on liver, shad gizzards and nightcrawlers in the Marshall Cove area; white perch very good on worms and small slabs; blue catfish good on live bait and liver.

HILLSDALE: 77 degrees, murky,  1/2 foot high. Outlook: Jayhawk Marina reports: White bass good; crappies fair on minnows in channels; channel catfish, walleyes fair.

LA CYGNE: 86 degrees, clear, normal. Outlook: Linn County Parks reports: Catfish fair (but small); all other species slow.

GLEN ELDER: 75 degrees, clear, 1  1/2 feet high. Outlook: Wayne’s Sporting Goods reports: Walleyes fair on jigs and worms; white bass and wipers fair trolling.

TUTTLE CREEK: 74 degrees, upper end stained, 5 feet high. Outlook: Guide Vic Oertle reports: White bass fair on spoons, crankbaits and Bubbas off points and drop-offs; catfish fair while drifting with cut bait on upper end; crappies fair (but good size).

WYANDOTTE: 75 degrees, murky, full pool. Outlook: Wyandotte Boat Rental reports: Crappies good on minnows or jigs in 18 feet of water off main-lake points; bass good (but small) on variety of baits; catfish slow.