Hay Patrick Mahomes. Bale art immortalizes Chiefs quarterback

Using nine bales of hay as their canvas, Penni Frick and other members of the Frick family created a larger-than-life size mural of Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. The giant likeness of Mahomes is literally stopping traffic near the family farm along Missouri Highway 92 and Francis Road in Kearney.

Stacked hay bales standing about 15 feet high were painted white, then at night, the Fricks’ projected an image of the Chiefs quarterback onto the bales. The Mahomes image was carefully traced onto the bales, then slowly, as the paint was applied, the portrait of the Chiefs quarterback emerged.

“It took about a week to create,” said Russell Frick of Kearney, Missouri. “People just stop by and can’t believe how good it looks,” said Frick. “I think it turned out great.”

Frick said his daughter-in-law, Penni Frick, is hoping that Mahomes might stop by and sign the painting.

“Maybe she can get him up here, maybe she can’t, but it’s just the idea of it,” said Frick. “Everybody just loves it.”

“They always have the most creative things on their bales out here and I just loved this one when I saw it today, “ said Jen Blecha of Smithville, Missouri, who stopped for a selfie. “It’s fantastic.”