Woman says Chiefs’ Kareem Hunt shoved her, another police report lists her as suspect

Kansas City Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt
Kansas City Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt

An Ohio woman told police that Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt “shoved and pushed” her over the weekend, but a second police report lists her as a suspect.

The woman, Abigail Ottinger, 19, said she was shoved during a dispute early Saturday morning at The Metropolitan at the 9, Hunt’s hotel apartment in downtown Cleveland. The story was first reported by

The Star obtained the police reports, both list assault as an offense. One police report lists Hunt as a suspect, but Cleveland police determined two reports would be written after speaking to all parties and obtaining conflicting information. The other report lists Ottinger as a suspect and does not include claims that Hunt shoved her. No arrests have been made.

According to one police report, Ottinger and a friend, who said they were Kent State students, were traveling on a party bus between Cleveland bars with Hunt and his friend and others.

Ottinger and her friend went back to Hunt’s apartment, and Hunt’s friend told police that he kicked the girls out of the apartment when he learned they were 19. Ottinger said they were kicked out because she “didn’t want” one of the men in the group. Ottinger didn’t specify which person she was referring to.

The women left and in the hallway attempted to arrange a ride back to campus. Hunt’s friend gave them $20 for a ride and Hunt went to bed, according to one report.

Ottinger pounded on the apartment door and yelled for 30 minutes, and another woman, who was part of Hunt’s group of friends said that Ottinger hit her in the face when she went to the hallway to get Ottinger and her friend to leave.

At this point, Ottinger said Hunt came out of the apartment and “shoved and pushed her,” causing abrasions on her knee and hand and scratches on her chest, according to her report.

Hunt was the NFL’s top rusher in his rookie season with 1,327 yards and scored 11 total touchdowns. He played in the Pro Bowl.

Hunt was a third-round selection from Toledo in the 2017 NFL Draft.

The Chiefs did not comment on the incident.

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