Andy Reid’s coaching tree currently has a staggering number of branches in the NFL

The Andy Reid coaching tree grew another branch on Monday.

Chiefs offensive coordinator Matt Nagy was hired by the Chicago Bears, and that means 25 percent of the head coaches in the NFL are currently former Reid assistants or Reid himself (eight of 32).

That’s quite a tree, although it could by trimmed depending on what happens with Steve Spagnuolo, the Giants interim head coach. Here is the list:

1. John Harbaugh, Baltimore Ravens (2008–present)

2. Ron Rivera, Carolina Panthers (2011–present)

3. Steve Spagnuolo, New York Giants (2017–present); St. Louis Rams (2009–2011)

4. Todd Bowles, New York Jets (2015–present)

5. Doug Pederson, Philadelphia Eagles (2016–present)

6. Sean McDermott, Buffalo Bills (2017–present)

7. Matt Nagy, Chicago Bears (2018-present)

Three of those coaches guided their teams to the playoffs this season: Rivera, Pederson and McDermott. Harbaugh has won a Super Bowl with the Ravens, while Rivera and the Panthers made it to Super Bowl 50.

There are also three former head coaches:

1. Brad Childress, Minnesota Vikings (2006–2009)

2. Leslie Frazier, Minnesota Vikings (2010–2013)

3. Pat Shurmur, Cleveland Browns (2011–2012)

The Vikings made the playoffs under both Childress and Frazier.

That means 67 percent of Reid’s former assistants have taken their teams to the postseason as a head coach.

You can learn more on the coaches in the video above.

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